Month: August 2017

Sport Imitates Life – What Game Are You Playing?

Pop Quiz – What percentage of time is the ball in play during a professional tennis match?  I was curious since I’ve been watching U.S. Open tennis tournament matches all week.  Luckily there is plenty of downtime during a match.  It’s easy to get… Continue Reading “Sport Imitates Life – What Game Are You Playing?”

Evade the Vice Squad – 7 Tactical Maneuvers

The police use a vice squad to enforce laws concerning gambling, pornography, prostitution, and the illegal use of liquor and narcotics.  Thankfully there is no such legal enforcement of vice in the broader sense of the word.  The dictionary definition of vice is, “a… Continue Reading “Evade the Vice Squad – 7 Tactical Maneuvers”

Saintball Survival Strategies

The original working title was, “Winning Saintball Strategies.” However, upon further review my own personal results do not justify claiming any such expertise.  But I am surviving, battling off demons every day.  Not the nasty scary ones, just the one in the mirror.  But… Continue Reading “Saintball Survival Strategies”

The Formula to Solve All Problems

RT x RW x G = S.  Do the Right Things (use your time wisely and productively to carry out your unique mission for the benefit of others), in the Right Way (live virtuously) and through God’s Grace become a Saint (and live eternally… Continue Reading “The Formula to Solve All Problems”

Be Saintspirational – 3 Simple Steps

What is this made-up word, saintspirational?  Bet you figured out it is the combination of the words, saint and inspirational.  It refers to someone who is striving for sainthood in a way that is inspiring to others.  So what does it take to be… Continue Reading “Be Saintspirational – 3 Simple Steps”

Striving for Sainthood, an Option or Our Duty?

I’m going to do two things in this blog entry that I don’t plan to do often; quote the bible and discuss an actual canonized Saint.  This will rarely happen since I don’t know very many bible quotations, just the more famous ones, and… Continue Reading “Striving for Sainthood, an Option or Our Duty?”

I’m a Blogger?

Here’s the deal, I’ve never done this before.  But I’d never written a book either.  Let’s give this blogging thing a shot. Notice that the topic of the book is sAint Me?!  The “A” is capitalized (as in Ain’t) on purpose.  I’m certainly no… Continue Reading “I’m a Blogger?”