Month: June 2020

Look Out, Here Comes the Green-Eyed Monster!

Guess who coined the term, “the green-eyed monster,” and in what book it was first used?  Might as well just give you the answer and save you a 15 second search; William Shakespeare, Othello.  I’m “green with envy” at how quickly the kids of… Continue Reading “Look Out, Here Comes the Green-Eyed Monster!”

Yeah, Yeah, Patience – How Long is That Gonna Take?!

Did you successfully complete your humility challenge last week?  Did you apologize to someone?  Did you have a friendly debate?  If so, I’ll bet it tested your patience.  It sure did mine. Therefore this week’s “V” topic is how to use the virtue of… Continue Reading “Yeah, Yeah, Patience – How Long is That Gonna Take?!”

The Few, the Proud, the Humble

Humility is the virtue that enables all the others.  It is easier to be Charitable, Kind, Patient, Chaste, Temperate and Diligent if we are first Humble.  Humility starts with gratitude.  To be grateful for the past that has made us who we are today,… Continue Reading “The Few, the Proud, the Humble”

Leave Me Alone … I’m Trying to Be a Better Person!

We just realized it has been one full year since Melanie officially retired from her 37-year nursing career.  She still maintains her Registered Nursing license to be ready in case the spirit guides her back once again.  She has taken several small breaks along… Continue Reading “Leave Me Alone … I’m Trying to Be a Better Person!”

Dazed and Confused

I’m dazed and confused about what is happening in the world.  I’m going to ramble on about that in this week’s edition of Playground Heaven Living 2020. My intent every week is to provide thoughts and recommendations about how we can all strive to… Continue Reading “Dazed and Confused”