False Vax Prophets

I really wanted to take the rest of this year off from research and writing.  It’s been exhausting trying to find truth is this year of widespread lies and deception.  But Nooooo!  Along comes a rapidly developed vaccine which seems just a little too good to be true.  I couldn’t resist looking into it.  Had I known it was going to take an entire week, well, I would have done it anyway.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so curious and suspicious.  I blame my Mother.  Actually, I thank her.  As a librarian, she taught me the value of constantly asking and seeking out the answers to my many questions about the universe.  Thanks Mom!

I really wanted to leave this vaccination topic alone because I knew it was going to lead me down a rabbit hole.  But with the rapid deployment and mounting pressure for everyone to take it, I just had to know if it is as safe and effective as it is being widely described.

Spoiler alert, my review has proven to me that the vaccine is neither safe nor effective.  But please don’t take my word for it alone.  I’ll give you the highlights of what I found and provide you references so you can investigate for yourself.

I should offer a brief disclaimer, I am not a medical expert, but I can lay claim to being a professional researcher.  But whether you choose to take this vaccination is obviously a personal decision.  I simply want to give you as much information as possible so you can make the most informed decision possible for you and your family.  I assume you have been inundated with the “you must get the shot” message.  I urge you to consider an alternative viewpoint backed by a compelling set of facts.

I think this is particularly important in this case.  The pressure to take this vaccine is immense.  We are being told we must obey to be considered people of good will.  No doubt that if we resist we will be coerced into compliance with threats of restrictions on our ability to retain employment, travel, be admitted to businesses, go to school and church, attend events, or receive government assistance.

One quick update to the reality of the virus facts from a previous article.  The World Health Organization just provided an update estimates that put the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) at about 0.14%. The seasonal flu IFR is 0.10%, not much difference.  So why the continued panic?  Simple … politicians and the media continue to push a fear narrative on a now largely indoctrinated covid cult-like population.

Below I share my major questions and answers about the vaccine.  I am going to give you enough detail to hopefully support my conclusions.  But I do again urge you to look into this for yourself.  That way you will develop a real understanding that will enable you to make informed decisions, and facilitate your ability to help others to do the same.  And please feel free to forward this to everyone you know.  That way you have me to blame with anyone who doesn’t like the conclusions.  No doubt many won’t believe or accept them.  At least we have tired.  Here goes…

Is the vaccine necessary?

My conclusion – No.  Our God-given immune system is 99.86% effective in protecting us against death from the virus if we get it.  80-90% of people who get it have only minor symptoms anyway.  Everyone we know who has had the illness has told us that they would much rather have it than the seasonal flu.  Only those with serious pre-existing health conditions are at risk.  Maybe the vaccine will help them?

Is the vaccine effective?

My conclusion – No.  It doesn’t reduce symptoms. It doesn’t prevent infection.  It doesn’t prevent transmission to others.  In fact, getting the vaccine is worse for you than doing nothing.  How can that be???  Glad you asked.  Please see the summary points below.

First, I urge you to watch this linked video titled How Effective is the Covid-19 Vaccine from a journalist named Del Bigtree sometime soon.  This guy has been right about nearly everything covid related from the beginning.  I like him because he uses the scientific method to investigate issues from all angles.  He does what all journalists used to do.  He lets the evidence lead him to fact-based logical conclusions.  And he always provides his sources and asks that you do your own examination.  Here’s what he found, and I concur after looking at all of his sources.

  • It has been reported that the vaccines coming our way are between 90 and 95% effective.  But effective for what?  In fact, the vaccines were only tested for their ability to reduce symptoms of the illness.  They have not been tested for their ability to prevent infection or transmission to others.  It makes me wonder, since symptoms for most are mild anyway, what is the big benefit of these vaccines?  I thought that prevention of infection and transmission was the goal.  Bet you did too.  Guess not.
  • But is it really even 95% effective for reducing symptoms?  Short answer, no.  That number came from a trial including 30,000 participants.  Half were given the vaccine and half a placebo.  Of those who were vaccinated, 11 had symptoms, as compared with 185 in the placebo group.  11 divided by the total of 196 who had symptoms is 5%, thus 95% more effective.
  • But the person who is the head of the trails said that 10-15% of those in the vaccinated group had covid symptoms as a result of taking the vaccine, some pretty severe.  That is 1,500 people minimum.
  • So now we have at least 1,511 vaccinated people who experienced symptoms, versus only 185 in the placebo group.  That makes not being vaccinated about 90% more effective than getting the shot (1-(185/1696) …wow!  Why would anyone take the jab?
  • How can this be?  Well, the drug company trial didn’t start measuring for symptoms until 42 days after the initial injection.  Therefore, all the adverse effects experienced directly after receiving the vaccine were excluded from their results.  What kind of science it that?  Misleading at best.

Is the vaccine safe?

My conclusion – Can’t be sure, but it seems highly unlikely.  Here again I have a video for you from the same guy, but this time he is interviewing a world renown expert on viruses and vaccines.  It is titled, Stop Covid Vax Experiments. For an overview you can also read this linked article.  Here is my attempt to summarize their thoughts:

  • A vaccine for a corona virus has never been successfully developed.
  • All animal trials of corona virus vaccines have failed over the past 20 years.  Not always immediately, but over time.
  • Unlike human trials, animal studies include a challenge phase.  That is where the animal is injected with the virus after receiving the vaccination.  Often they have then experienced something called a cytokine storm which actually makes the disease much worse, killing all the cats in at least one study.
  • Side effects from the vaccine are experienced by many, as noted in the effectiveness section above, which may be worse than the illness itself for many.
  • The long-term effects of this covid vaccine have not been studied at all.
  • Prior vaccines are known to have caused chronic illness and auto immune diseases.  If you want an in-depth look at vaccines, here is another excellent video, The Vaccine Safety Project.  It is an hour-and-a-half long but well worth the time.
  • This vaccine actually modifies us genetically.  This is a new method for which the long-term consequences are completely unknown.  I wonder how God feels about us altering his intelligent design for us?
  • There is a risk of temporary infertility in women at the least, and sterilization at the worst.  Maybe men too.  See this article from Life Site News titled 5 Questions About the Coronavirus Vaccine that Should Scare Everyone.

Why would they risk the widespread release of something that doesn’t do much good, and could end up doing great harm?

  • Well first of all, pharmaceutical companies are absolved from any and all liability for vaccines.  How convenient.
  • I titled this article False Vax Prophets because we are being lied to and manipulated once again. But one thing that is not false is that the profits for these false prophets will be enormous!

Here’s how I see this thing playing out.  Any negative initial side effects of the vaccine will be touted as worth it to gain the so-called benefit.  Any longer-term impacts will be blamed on something else, a mutation of the virus, a new virus, or attributed to some other cause like climate change or Donald Trump.

Out of the blue I had a crazy conspiracy theory pop into my head during my run today.  Well, saying “run” is misleading.  Jog is more accurate.  Wog is probably the best descriptor, somewhere between a walk and a jog.  I think my brother invented that term.  Now, remember before you read this that I told you it was crazy.  But in the year 2020, is there really any such thing?

Since the pharma companies obviously know about the high potential for negative results from their covid vaccine, what if they instead gave everyone the placebo and therefore no bad results occurred.  They could then say the testing for infection is no longer necessary.  That would end the scare tactic of big case numbers.  By the way, here is an article that concludes that 97% of the PCR test results have been false positives.  It was used successfully in a court case.  There are many other similar studies coming to light now.  Does that make you mad?!

The media could finally start reporting the real numbers in a positive light, rather that continuing to prolong the unwarranted fear they have created through their misleading narrative and outright dishonesty.

Then since hardly anyone actually gets ill anyway, politicians could allow things to go back to normal and claim victory.  This would serve to graciously get themselves out of the mess they have created.  And best yet, they and big pharma will become heroes in the minds of the masses, never to be distrusted again!  The evil geniuses win.

Anyway, it could happen.  Maybe that is what’s happening.  Have you wondered how they could have possibly produced and distributed enough of these vaccines so quickly? They don’t even have official approval yet, and the studies continue. How would we ever know the difference between a vaccine and a placebo?

I would love for someone to do a test of a random sample of vials of the vaccine to see what is really in them.  I see the former U.S. Presidents are lining up to take the shots live on television.  They aren’t stupid, they know the risks.  There is no way they are getting anything but a saline solution injection.  We’ll never know for sure.  Seriously, do you trust that crew?  I did not have relations with that woman!  Mission accomplished!  You can keep your doctor!  Yeah right…

In summary, my personal conclusion is that the potential significant risks of these completely experimental vaccines far outweigh any claimed benefits.  Remember, the vaccine only claims to reduce symptoms, it does not prevent infection or curtail transmission to others.  Symptoms are minimal for most anyway, so really, what’s the point?

Well, thus concludes another installment of “We Ain’t All Saints.”  I grow weary of writing about this stuff, but feel an overwhelming obligation to do so.  Finding and sharing truth is worth it.  People are suffering needlessly.  The WHO now estimates that 130 million people could starve as a result of the unnecessary lockdowns.  This has to end.  We have to end it by bringing the truth to light.  Please go forth and do so.  That’s what aspiring saint do.  They seek, find, share, and live the truth.

To Your Health and Safety!  Scott

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