Resurrecting Sanity

Well, after an 80 day walk in the wilderness, 40 is not enough for a mere mortal, I’m back.  My hope was that the world would have returned to some semblance of sanity by now.  No such luck.  In fact, the insanity has endured and escalated to the point where now, even if you get the experimental vaccine, you still have to comply with all the nonsense that never worked in the first place … now to include double masking.  Wow, that must be quite an effective shot … not!

When last I wrote, my hope was that we would be rescued in a James Bond like style from the reign of terror that evil forces have perpetrated upon us for over a year now.  But unfortunately no savior has come, well other than the one who saved us over 2000 years ago.  One great way to maintain your sanity is to remember that He and His followers do win in the end.

In the meantime, I am now feeling like we are living the script of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975).  In that film the main character, Randle Patrick McMurphy played by Jack Nicholson, is a convicted criminal who fakes insanity in order to be committed to an asylum rather than having to do hard time in prison.

In order to maintain his sanity, he attempts to make life more normal for the other residents.  He finds that most of them are there voluntarily and really don’t seem to need to be there at all.  But the asylum is run by an unyielding tyrant, Nurse Ratched, who has successfully intimidated the patients into a state of dejected submission in order to exert absolute control over them.  Sound familiar?

Eventually McMurphy is able to open the eyes of the residents to their mistreatment and they begin to quietly revolt.  But, spoiler alert, the authority of the evil nurse wins out in the end.  She successfully pushes McMurphy over the edge to elicit an outburst which gave her the justification needed to have him lobotomized.

There is one bright spot in an otherwise depressing movie.  One resident, referred to as The Chief, had a great awakening to understand that he didn’t need to subject himself to the abuse anymore.  He had been going along to get along which he realized had been doing him much more harm than good.  Thankfully he escaped, thus being the one who flew over, or out of, the cuckoo’s nest.

It seems to me that we all face a cuckoo’s nest decision right now.  We either realize that we are being unnecessarily oppressed and escape the insanity of what has been going on, or we become essentially lobotomized, blindly and voluntarily going along to allow ourselves to be enslaved by the powers that be from here on out.

Since you are reading this you are no doubt steeped in reality.  To briefly review, you know that:

  • The virus has turned out to be about as deadly as the seasonal flu, and that over 99% of people experience little to no serious illness even if infected;
  • The death count constantly reported by the blood thirsty media is inflated by 94% by the CDC’s own admission.  This is obvious because the same percentage of people died last year as die every year, nowhere near 500,000 more;
  • All of the measures taken to prevent the spread of illness made absolutely no difference; the results of all countries and states are virtually identical no matter what they did, and;
  • And you know that agreeing to take an experimental vaccine that is only 95% effective in reducing symptoms (it doesn’t prevent infection or transmission) is an unnecessary risk to take given that your God-given immune system is already 99.6% effective in doing the same.

As such we are the McMurphy’s in the asylum.  But our problem is, that no matter how hard we try to open the eyes of all the other residents to these facts, they continue to believe the lies of the powers that be.  The constant pressure of their Nurse Ratched’s in the realms of politics, government, mass media, “educational” institutions, big pharma, and giant corporations are experts in manipulation.  They desperately want to maintain their control over the brainwashed, and definitely want to lobotomize those of us who know the truth. They are just baiting and waiting for us to over-react and do something to give them a reason.  Hey, it worked to complete the steal of the election.  More on that another time.

On my extended wilderness walk I wrestled with the question of why this is all being allowed to happen.  Obviously it is in God’s plan, but why?  I can easily see the why on the opposing side. Satan wants us to destroy ourselves by placing man in charge of man.  Globalist forces who have successfully scammed us for a year even have a name for their plan, The Great Reset.  Basically, they want a one world government with total control over all the people. They have proven that the very few can easily control the many, and now they want complete control.  Thus their strong desire for vaccine passports.

So what is God’s plan to combat this evil?  I think it is a wake-up call.  In fact I’ve seen others refer to it as The Great Awakening.  Yes, we definitely need to wake up and take notice of what is really happening.  We as a people have been slowly moving away from a trust in God to a trust in man.  You only need to look at the past year to see how far we have drifted.  Now is the time for a spiritual revival, a coming back to Him in droves.  It’s the only way out of this man-made mess.

We were born as one nation under God, but have slowly descended into a fractured nation under man.  Throughout history man has always sought control over man.  The United States of America was established in direct opposition to this desire, with liberty and justice for all.  God came first, then the people as His faithful followers, and lastly a limited government installed as a necessary evil.  Our founders knew that left unchecked, a tyrannical government would emerge and usurp the will of the people thereby allowing man to be easily controlled.  And here we are…

God gives us freedom and freewill.  He has a plan for each of us, yet He leaves us free to discover it ourselves.  He gives us simple rules to follow that will ensure we live a good life.  When we ignore them we inevitably pay the price.  But He trusts us to make our own decisions and to live with the consequences.  What a contrast, God wants us to be free, yet man desires to control us.  I’m going with God!

Just think about how God would have led the so-called pandemic response.  Do you think he would have forced closures of virtually everything?  Would He have insisted we stay away from each other?  Would He have made us cover the faces He gave us?  Or would he have said:

  • Have no fear;
  • Use the brain and common sense I gave you;
  • Trust the amazingly designed immune system that has kept your species thriving since the beginning of time, and;
  • Show your love for each other by protecting the vulnerable and continuing to serve me and each other through your ongoing and uninterrupted work?

But instead, our leaders of man, including those in the church, did the exact opposite!  Yes, we most definitely need an awakening.  It is upon us now, the rest is up to us.  So what are we going to do about it?  Give up?  It seems like we are losing in a blow-out.  Nope!  While that is certainly what the devil continues to tempt in me, it cannot be our answer.

No, we need to be The Chief.  We need to escape the asylum and take as many others with us as we can.  No more going along to get along that does us all more harm than good.  Continuing along this path will ensure our doom.  I fear many who know the truth have taken this route with good intentions, not wanting to rock the boat.  But we must always remember that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

So what is our escape plan?  Three simple, but admittedly not easy steps.

  1. Seek and find truth.  We are being fed a series of well-orchestrated propaganda designed to indoctrinate us into compliance.  We must be vigilant in searching out sources of truth.  They exist but are increasingly being censored.  Actually that is a good thing as it narrows down your search.  Just look for the people being “cancelled” and the information being “fact-checked” as false or misleading.  Sadly, in most cases you will find verifiable truth through those sources. Another good tactic is to believe the opposite about whatever is being shoved in your face.  Then try to prove it either right or wrong through multiple sources.  It really isn’t hard to do if you rely upon logic over emotion and take a little time to think for yourself.
  2. Live the truth.  Once you know the truth you must have the courage to live it.  No more going along to get along.  No being lukewarm.  If the disciples of Jesus had done that, what would the world look like now, if it even existed at all?  No, we must live in the truth no matter what the cost.  Nothing will change unless we do.  We need to walk our talk and attract others through our example.  Do you think people really want to be wearing masks? Especially kids who have absolutely nothing to fear, and neither do their teachers.  Why are we abusing them?  How many more must commit suicide before we learn? Maybe our example is all that others need to begin showing their faces again.  There is strength in numbers!
  3. Share the truth.  Again this takes courage, but it is our responsibility to share what we know.  There is ample opportunity nowadays.  Like if someone asks if you have had the vaccine yet, ask them first if they have.  Ask for their reasoning for their decision, then share yours.  I just say I’m going with God’s immune system that has already proven to be over 99% effective.  Of course be respectful in any case. I just pray that there are no negative long-term consequences as there were in all the animal trials previously conducted on like vaccines.

There you have it, our escape from crazy is to seek, find, live, and share truth.  Simple but not easy since those living in the false reality believe with all their might that they are right and you are an idiot.  There is no use in spending a lot of time and energy with them.  Try, but shake the dust from your sandals when it’s clear there is no use.  Keep them in your prayers but at a distance.  The sadness you feel for them will get you down and make you want to give up.  You can’t let that happen.  Let the Lord work on them while you try with others.

My guess, things will get crazier before they get better.  The powers that be know they have a short window of opportunity for their reset before our great awakening takes over.  They are going to go as far and as fast as possible.  They know the truth is already understood by many, and that it will set the masses free if it gets out too widely.  Once their massive deception is widely understood they know they will lose their credibility and power for a very long time to come.  I hope that is God’s plan.  Let’s help Him make it happen!

Godspeed, Scott

2 Comments on “Resurrecting Sanity

  1. Hey Scott,

    I’ve missed your regular postings. I really appreciate and needed this one. It’s really getting crazy how people refuse to critically think and make decisions for themselves regarding their personal lives. I still remain the lone person in our office not wearing a mask anytime one steps out of a cubicle or office. There are a two other people in the office that do not believe in masks but wear them to avoid being shamed by others.

    I have a hard time understanding people when they talk wearing a mask. I feel like I am in a Charlie Brown special where any time adults speak you only hear “wha wha wha”. It’s rare for us to have a meeting in the conference room. We have most all meetings on MS Teams. I wish society would allow people to make their own decisions regarding masks and vaccines without the fear of being shamed. I must admit, each week in church before the confession of sins, I ask for forgiveness for silently judging people regarding their choices regarding masks.

    It’s great to know and connect with kindred spirits out there. Keep up your good work!


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    • Thanks for attempting to unmask others through your example, Tom. All we can do is try and spread the truth at every opportunity. Hopefully you can get the other two who know better to take a stand as well. Maybe you should shame them in your usual humorous manner by “wha, wha, wahing” them every time they talk:-)

      We’re probably all in need of judging forgiveness. On the one hand, I feel incredibly sorry for those who have been mislead. On the other, they could know better. I just pray every day that truth to be revealed, understood, and accepted by us all. I’m hoping that “ask and you shall receive” promise kicks in soon. Thanks for reading and for your always interesting thoughts. Scott


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