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Have Your “Better than Best” Year Ever!

Better than best?  What does that mean?

I’ve been inundated recently with advertisements from experts telling me they can help me have my best year ever?  Apparently I subscribe to too many self-improvement newsletters.

Anyway, they all promise that if you follow their advice and take the required actions, all your dreams will come true in the upcoming year.  Sounds great!  Of course there is a cost to all of their programs, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Reading their compelling pitches got me thinking about my best years ever to date.  I was able to pinpoint them to three specific one-year periods very quickly.  The first as a kid, the next as a young adult and the last was in 2017 when I wrote the sAint Me?! book.

As I thought about the conditions that made those years so great, it dawned on me that I can replicate that experience whenever I want to.  In fact, I know I can do even better than those past best years.  I can do better than best, and so can you!

Here’s something funny.  The “experts” keep telling me that I need to stop giving away everything I do for free.  They say people have a “getting what they pay for” mindset, and therefore they won’t value what I’m giving.  Or that you won’t follow through if you don’t make an investment in the program.  I have more faith in you than that.

I’m going to continue to ignore their advice for as long as possible.  I want everyone with interest to have access.  It’s my way of giving back for all the past success I’ve enjoyed.  So let me start by sharing a secret right up front.  Another thing I’m not supposed to do.

The key to having your better than best year ever is to strive to make it your saintliest year ever.  To do your best to develop and utilize your talents for the benefit of others, and to do so in a virtuous manner.

Think about it, don’t you feel most at peace, fulfilled, satisfied, and happy when you are learning and doing things that you enjoy, and that simultaneously have value in other people’s lives?  Or you go through your day making morally sound decisions, doing the right things for the right reasons?  Or better yet, both?  Of course you do.

But how do we consistently do that in a world that often rewards something quite different?  Simple, by having a plan and working it every day.  Plan the work and work the plan.

Below you will find a video series designed to guide you in developing and working your personal plan to have your better than best year ever.

Each week I will share with you what I am doing to plan and achieve my saintliest year ever.  More importantly, I will suggest ways for you to do the same.

I have no idea where the journey of this year will go, but I do know I’m going to give it my best effort.  There will be ups and downs, that’s life.  I will share them all.  I expect that it will be an interesting and likely entertaining ride.  I’m far from perfect and I don’t mind laughing at myself.  You can too.

I’ll also provide opportunities for you to share what’s happening in your journey if you so choose.  Or to provide advice for others.  If we challenge each other and hold each other accountable, we all benefit.  What’s the saying, Together Everyone Achieves More, TEAM.

So there you have it.  Let’s all make this year our Better than Best Year Ever…Our Saintliest! 

Humbly yours in aspiring sainthood, Scott

Below are the links to the videos.  It’s best to play them in order, top to bottom.  Enjoy and Godspeeed.

1. Your Best Year to Date

2. The 3 Keys

3. The 4th and Final Key

4. Better Than Best Year Goals

5. Better Than Best Year Plans

Plan on a Page Template

6. Daily Success System

Just for Fun – One Day in the Life of a Drummer


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