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You Can Do It!

Coming soon – The Summer Olympics Games! Having something to look forward to always helps in maintaining our happiness. Watching the Olympics reminds me of the greatness we are all capable of achieving.  Not necessarily in sports, but in playing your game in life. … Continue Reading “You Can Do It!”

Leap of Faith Year

2020 is a leap year, we get an extra day of happiness:-)  It happens this Saturday, February 29.  Do you know why?  I didn’t, but do now.  Here’s what I found out. A leap year occurs every four years to help synchronize the calendar… Continue Reading “Leap of Faith Year”

What’s Your Problem?!

We all have problems.  We deal with them every day.  Can you even imagine going through an entire day without facing at least one problem?  What would that feel like?  Heaven?! In striving to live the playground heaven life I think of problems as… Continue Reading “What’s Your Problem?!”

The Moral of the Story…

I had a revelation last week.  It should have been obvious to me all along.  It was one of those “couldn’t see the forest for the trees” type moments. Here’s what happened.  I was on a radio program to discuss strategies for striving to… Continue Reading “The Moral of the Story…”

The Motivating Power of Why

“Why?” is the best question ever invented.  It can be the most annoying as well.  Have you ever been around a two-year old child?  Or been one yourself?  They are relentless in their pursuit of answers to their why questions.  They question everything.  Why? … Continue Reading “The Motivating Power of Why”

Make the Happy Choice the Easy Choice

How are you doing with keeping your happiest year resolution?  I’ll admit to struggling a little.  I find January to be the most difficult month to gain and maintain my happy.  It’s such a letdown following all the activity and fun of celebrating the… Continue Reading “Make the Happy Choice the Easy Choice”

Can You Come Out to Play?

What did you want to do every day as a kid?  Play, right?!  Do you still wake up every day thinking about what you are going to play?  Why not?  You should.  Let’s do! Have you ever thought about what the perfect day would… Continue Reading “Can You Come Out to Play?”

Your 2020 Vision of Happiness

Our son is having Lasik eye surgery this morning. After 20 years of dependence on corrective lenses, he is hoping the 20/20 vision of his early childhood is restored today.  I’m in the waiting room praying for the same. Last week we talked about… Continue Reading “Your 2020 Vision of Happiness”

Fun for All, and All for Fun!

Welcome to Playground Heaven Living.  Our desire is to help you live your happiest year yet in 2020.  Each week we will share a simple strategy and task to complete to enhance your ability to be and stay happy.  Here we go… The first… Continue Reading “Fun for All, and All for Fun!”

How Happy a New Year?

What do you intend when you wish someone a Happy New Year?  What type of happiness do you want for yourself?  Do you want to be happy, happier, or your happiest in 2020?  What does “happy” even mean anyway? Happy is a feeling.  We… Continue Reading “How Happy a New Year?”