What is saintspiration?  It is being inspired to strive to become a saint in some way.  It could be the example of an actual cannonized saint.  Or maybe being inspired by someone you knew or read about that, although not officially recognized as a saint seemed to be a person that likely went to heaven.  Or it could be seeing the example of a living person that you would like to emulate.  Someone you admire who is doing the right things in the right way.  Or it might just be something you see or experience.  Someone doing a kind deed.  Someone achieving excellence is something.  A sunrise or sunset.  The beauty of nature.  The Grand Canyon.tim-trad-227110

The key to saintspiration is that it actually gets you thinking and acting in a saintly manner.  Finding and living your mission.  Behaving virtuously.  Providing value to others.  Being a role model.  Walking your saintly talk.

And you can be saintspirational right now!  Live the virtues.  In fact, go out of your way to demonstrate them.  Smile.  Greet everyone.  It takes courage.  People may wonder what your angle is.  They may not trust that you are for real.  Unfortunately it has become rare to experience these types of people.  You are shocked when you do.  And pleased.  You can make a difference right now.  Please go forth and be the person you want to encounter in all those around you.

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