Right Way

The path of the Right Way is living the Virtues and avoiding the Vices in life.  There are many lists of these “V’s” as we refer to them.  We have settled on the below due to their relative ease of understanding simply by reading the words.  They are based on the Seven Deadly Sins which seem to be broadly recognized.  We combat the vices which seem more trendy and acceptable nowadays, with their opposing virtue.  Here they are listed in virture vs. vice order:


  1. Humility vs. Pride
  2. Charity vs. Greed
  3. Kindness vs. Envy
  4. Patience vs.Wrath
  5. Chastity vs. Lust
  6. Temperance vs. Gluttony
  7. Diligence vs. Sloth

You instinctively know when you are thinking, speaking or acting in an un-saintly way.  Being aware of the above will help you recognize and immediately reverse course.  When you recognize you are headed down the vice path, stop and do the opposite.  A good first step is to track how you are doing currently.  Use the Flying V Tracker below (yeah, weird name, we’ll tell you why sometime, or read the book).  Set an hourly alarm to assess how you did in the previous hour.  Give yourself a point for each time you thought, said, or did something that demonstrated one of the V’s, good or bad.  Total your scores daily.  A net positive score, more virtue points than vices is a win.  You will improve quickly by being more aware of your V behavior, of course assuming you need to.  Good luck!

Flying V Tracker

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