Welcome to The Saint Builder Foundation.  Kind of an ominous name.  Who do we think we are?!  Likely the same as you, ordinary people who want to live in a better world.  We believe that if we were all striving to become saints, the world would be much improved.

We are not talking about those famous canonized big “S” Saints, but rather everyday little “s” saints.  What do everyday saints do?  They live their lives with a laser focus on carrying out their God given mission in a virtuous manner for the benefit of others.  We refer to this as doing the Right Things in the Right Way.

Our saint building formula is, RT x RW x G = S.  Do the Right Things in the Right Way, and through Gods Grace become a Saint (and live eternally in heaven as an added bonus).  Notice the multiplication.  If any of the factors are zero, the result is also zero.  Some argue that the G is all that is needed.  Who knows, this may be true, but shouldn’t we at least build ourselves a good case to receive that grace through our faith and works.

And if you are not a “God person” you can just think of this as becoming your best self, or the best version of yourself as is often said nowadays.  All of the content of the book can apply to your life as well.  You may not believe in the eternal life bonus but you will certainly be making a positive difference in the here and now.  We won’t try to evangelize you.  We will pray that you join the God group, but no pressure.

We are dedicated to helping guide, motivate and inspire people to strive to become the saints we were all meant to be.  We invite you all to join us in striving to become saints.  Let’s make the world a better place one person at a time, starting with ourselves.  We can succeed by working together to build a community of saints here on earth.  Hopefully we will also assist in populating the heaven above at an accelerated pace.

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