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Lost in a Masquerade

Do you ever wake up in the morning singing a song from your past for no apparent reason?  Mine today was This Masquerade, written by Leon Russell and recorded by George Benson on his 1976 album Breezin’. I looked up the lyrics to see… Continue Reading “Lost in a Masquerade”

The Scaredy Side

Question of the day – Do you sleep on the scaredy side of the bed?  What is the scaredy side you ask?  It’s the side that is closest to the bedroom door of course.  The side that would be attacked first by an intruder.… Continue Reading “The Scaredy Side”

Wedding Bells

Pop quiz – What is the most popular month for a wedding? I guessed June, but it is number 3.  September is number 2.  Surprisingly, October is number 1.  I’ve been noticing many wedding announcements and photos recently so I felt called to write… Continue Reading “Wedding Bells”

Mercy, Mercy Me

“I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.” (Abraham Lincoln) Justice and mercy go together.  Yes, we all want justice.  We want to reward good behavior and punish the bad.  But we all want mercy when we are on the… Continue Reading “Mercy, Mercy Me”

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Look. Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane.  It’s Superman! Who fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way.… Continue Reading “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”

Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences was a game show that was on television when I was a kid. A contestant was asked a ridiculous question that they usually couldn’t answer. When they got it wrong, they would have to “pay the consequences” by performing some embarrassing… Continue Reading “Truth or Consequences”

Oh, Wise Guy, Eh?

In writing about the 7 deadly sins and their opposite 7 heavenly virtues over the last couple months, I was reminded by a number of you that there are others to consider; for instance, the four cardinal virtues of prudence (wisdom), justice, fortitude (courage),… Continue Reading “Oh, Wise Guy, Eh?”

Shall We Play a Game?

Have you seen the movie “War Games” from way back in 1983?  It must still be popular since it’s not included for free on any of the popular streaming services, you actually have to buy or rent it.  The plot is that a military… Continue Reading “Shall We Play a Game?”

And on the sixth day, God created … Lust?

“God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.  God blessed them and God said to them: Be fertile and multiply” (Genesis 1:27-28). In creating us men and women He also gave us… Continue Reading “And on the sixth day, God created … Lust?”

I Want an Oompa Loompa Now!

This week’s installment of how to use the 7 heavenly virtues to defeat the 7 deadly sins:  Charity versus Greed.  I woke up this morning thinking about the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  This was my favorite movie as a kid and… Continue Reading “I Want an Oompa Loompa Now!”