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Beware The Thing!

OMG, the Thing is still out there!  We remain in a perpetual state of emergency, nearly three years running.  Be afraid, be very afraid!  But of what exactly??? Remember the 1982 movie, The Thing?  Turns out The Thing was a scary alien that was… Continue ReadingBeware The Thing!

A Comeback in the Making!

I feel an epic comeback in the making.  The momentum is swinging back our way.  The opposition was so close to pulling off the biggest upset of all time.  But they got overconfident and started making careless mistakes.  Now they are getting nervous and… Continue Reading “A Comeback in the Making!”

Resurrecting Sanity

Well, after an 80 day walk in the wilderness, 40 is not enough for a mere mortal, I’m back.  My hope was that the world would have returned to some semblance of sanity by now.  No such luck.  In fact, the insanity has endured… Continue Reading “Resurrecting Sanity”

Keep the Faith

I feel like we are in the middle of a James Bond movie.  Melanie and I watched all 24 of those movies over the last couple of months, starting with Dr. No (1962) and ending with Spectre (2015) last night.  Why?  We’d never seen… Continue Reading “Keep the Faith”

The Playground is Open!

Can you come out to play?  It’s a new year, time to get back out on the playground and have some fun.  As I said in a recent article, I’m declaring 2021 to be the year of the Playground Saint. What is a playground… Continue Reading “The Playground is Open!”

Be a Christmas Buddy

It’s Christmas movie week!  We have a list of our favorites that we watch every year, no doubt you do too.  I was curious about what would appear by doing an internet search for best Christmas movies.  Here’s the first list that appeared: It’s… Continue Reading “Be a Christmas Buddy”

False Vax Prophets

I really wanted to take the rest of this year off from research and writing.  It’s been exhausting trying to find truth is this year of widespread lies and deception.  But Nooooo!  Along comes a rapidly developed vaccine which seems just a little too… Continue Reading “False Vax Prophets”

Vision 2021

Last week, in the spirit of hope for a brighter future, I asked you to envision what your year 2021 will be like.  Specifically, I invited you to ask God what His plan for your life is for the upcoming year.  And to view… Continue Reading “Vision 2021”

Beyond Thanksgiving

Remember way back at the start of this year when we all pledged to have our happier than happiest year ever in 2020?  It seemed like such a good idea at the time.  In hindsight, we couldn’t have picked a worse year to make… Continue Reading “Beyond Thanksgiving”

If I Were the Devil…

There have been a lot of references recently to the George Orwell book 1984, originally published in 1949.  I remember thinking it was crazy talk back in high school.  Then I reread it in the mid-80’s and found it a little less unbelievable.  In… Continue Reading “If I Were the Devil…”